Argan Oil is a miracle solution for:

• Lines and wrinkles

• Acne

• Age spots

• Thread veins

• Scars

• Psoriasis and Eczema

• Stretch marks

• Rosacea

• Dry/Frizzy/Damaged hair

• Dry/Chapped lips


Argan City is the result of a Franco-South African partnership who have been looking for the finest ingredients in Argan raw product in Morocco. Argan City has established it's main warehouse in South Africa and represents a new wave of 21st century of South African entrepreneurship.

We not only market under our range but we cater for our customers who wish to market under their own brands.

Under the watchful eye of our quality control team our laboratory is continually developing new products. Our design team is renowned for being innovative as well constantly developing new packaging. We today in our sector able to provide the specifics needs of our customers.

Our products are tested in order to conform to the industry’s highest standards and prepared to be in compliance with the rules set forth the new European cosmetic regulation EC n°1223/2009.Due to our manufacturing process complete integration and employment of the latest equipment and technology along with the 9001 ISO certified quality management system not only we can provide very competitive prices, but also exceeds our client’s requirements.

With the establishment of Argan city (Pty) Ltd we opening a new door via the latest beauty products range toward the Southern Africans Markets with highest standarts . Argan oil is not only a “super food” for the skin and the hair but for the all boby. We are the only supplier in Southern Africa to give you competitive prices, a full range as well a quality with all guaranties and already accepted by 85% of the moroccan market.

Buy a 100% Organic Oil buy from a ISO 9001 Company.

The argan tree is an endemic tree found in Morocco. The green nuts produced by this tree makes it so special and sought after. These green nuts are used to extract argan oil. This oil is one of the rare types of oil. The production of this oil is limited to just a few regions where these trees grow. Thus, leading to high demand of product with limited supply options. Argan oil, therefore comes under the list of one of the highly priced oils in the world. This makes one wonder about the benefits that makes it one of the most desired oil commercially. It is known to have properties that cures many cosmetic as well as medical ailments.

The oil is traditionally produced by hand, by stripping the nuts off their soft pulp and then drying them under the sun. These dried nuts are then cracked open using stones to remove the seeds that are roasted to give a rich, nutty flavor to the oil. These roasted seeds are added to little water and ground into a thick paste. This paste is squeezed by hand resulting in extraction of the oil. It is said to take over 10 hours a day to extract just around a liter of this precious oil. Today, modern methods for harvesting using machines are put into action for large-scale production. This oil has a shelf life of about just 3 to 6 months. These complex extraction methods and short shelf life makes the oil expensive and rare.

Argan the Liquid Gold of Africa



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